What do you say when somebody asks what car you drive?

Do you answer with the cars full name/type/options and mods (e.g. Audi A6 TFSI quattro S-line with 18″wheels)?

Or do you just say: “a blue one” ?

It’s all about image isn’t it?

My circle of friends seems to indicate a three-tiered approach based on knowledge or the impression of the questioner.

  • is he/she a car nut?
  • what kind? (driving or image driven)
  • one of us?

answers usually go from a ‘insert brand here’ to, a ‘brand again’ with this that and the other thing modded to the nth degree”

in my case:

Mode 1:

“a Renault Clio”

this gets me the commiserate looks, “poor man”

Mode 2:

“A Clio RS”

usually the response is “what’s that?”, and I revert to mode 1.

occasionally I get the knowing look, and maybe a “nice!” or “cool!”…this automatically sets me in mode 3.

Mode 3:

“A Clio RS 2 phase 3 with some choice mods”

This usually descends in to endless discussions, involving beer, food and usually ending in friendships. Good no?


what do others think?

Is it important to you what other people think about your car?

Does your car imply something about who you are? (or how you wish to be seen?)

Do you want it to?

I’ve always said “i’d drive a brick if it was fast and fun to drive”,  others wouldn’t be caught dead in certain brands.

The new Hyundai i30N, recently reviewed by EVO magazine (they made me buy my Clio!) is a good example.

They deem the handling better than that of the 3rd generation Megane RS, coming from EVO, self-confessed champions of said Renault, that’s high praise indeed!

Image wise I guess it is a more than left field choice (it’s out of the field!), you’ll need strong convictions turning up with one of these at car meets or track days.

Then again, you’ll be wearing a smug smile when lapping similar machinery.

A quick mention in a group of friends resulted in the full spectrum of reactions, from “love it!” to “a Hyundai?!?….never!” and everything in between.

Does it matter?

Not really, we all enjoy our cars, and sharing that enjoyment makes it so much better……