I just read  that future generations will probably  never own a car, or drive one…

just riding it as a mode of transport.

This saddens me, as I want future generations to get the same enjoyment of cars have.  As a dad of a 7 and 6 year old, i’m in a position to do something about it.

But what?

….spoon feed them cars of course!

Anything and everything goes, nothing is wrong (not even my pet hate the SUV).

Every car you can drive, feel free in and get enjoyment from is a car to be cherished, memories to be made and stored for future use.

In an earlier post I already touched upon the subject of how different enjoyment can be had in different cars.

Bad daddy….

On every journey, highlight the car aspect of it, for example:

With the Clio, whenever we encounter a tunnel we  “do a tunnel” this involves lowering windows, shifting down a gear or two and…..well you get the picture.

In the Alfa enjoyment is different, less visceral, it pampers and coddles, keeps you fit for the end of the journey. Point this out ’cause it isn’t something kids would notice.

I anthropomorphize the car, when with the kids, I say hello when starting and thank you after a long drive. (my wife calls the Clio ‘beasty’)

For the kids this enlivens the car, now it’s not just a tool, but a part of life, enjoyed the same as other things that make life worth it living.

A part of the journey and not just a means of getting to your destination.

For now and the future make memories which they will cherish forever, and will bring smiles to their face long after you’re gone.

I take them to car meets occasionally and tell that what makes some cars special, being of that age where they basically are information sponges they lap it up! (and spew it back at me at me in the most unexpected way)

As with any passion, your enthusiasm will shine, infect and plant a seed for future interests and passions.


So go forth and disseminate!