Having just returned from holiday I was thinking, what do I want from a car?

For me it cannot be raw enough, a flies in the teeth, teary eyes ride that will put a smile on my face and a shiver down my back. (maybe I should ride motorcycles……..maybe not)

Now think about taking your whole family on holiday in such a car……..interesting no?

Our holiday involved a lot of driving this year and I drove all of it.

Why? Because I love driving, not the kind of driving I normally do (cornering to within an inch of what is safe), but driving to a destination, the feeling of going somewhere.

Seeing the landscape change before my eyes, and after a long night drive, nothing, NOTHING beats that sunrise.

Always the journey, never the destination.
Simon Rattle

We took the family car, a station wagon that has seen better days, has next to no luggage space, creaks with old age and progress is leisurely to say the least.

But she took all our stuff and all our kilometers and four ferry’s in her stride and delivered us safely to our destinations, making her the perfect car.

Thanks Bella, you’re a fine old thing…


What car is it?

A  Alfa Romeo 156SW 1.8 Twinspark, but she will always be Bella to us…….