Wow you have found my blog.

Who I am? You probably know me from some family or work gathering or maybe the neighbourhood bbq.

I’m THAT guy….the one that bends everyone’s ear about cars, never talks about anything else and even uses car analogies to explain non car situations.

The guy that has arcane knowledge about cars people have never heard of, and quite fairly are probably not interested in.

I’ll give advice where it is not asked, opinions where they’re not wanted and comment about the cars everybody drives.

I’ll try to solve problems from your descriptions and tell you sources for cheaper parts.

In short I’m passionate, passionate about cars, the way they drive and the enjoyment they impart.

A passion i want to share with the world, so I started this blog.

If you recognize yourself in the above description, i’ll just give you a short nod and the knowing look that says “welcome friend, what do you drive?”

If  you don’t ,  I open my arms saying “welcome friend, what do you drive and let me show you my world.”